17th March 2024

Switch Upgrade NTT ZRH, scheduled 2 months ago

To increase our capacity of both compute and network we plan maintenance in NTT ZRH1, Switzerland.

-upgrade and network re-configuration on our core switches in NTT ZRH1 to increase the capacity and redundancy of this location.

This will mean twice a short interruption of max 5min for normal IP/Internet access and downtime for L2/IXP services during the maintenance.

Description: Network maintenance NTT ZRH1 - Services may be unreachable during the maintenance and will be available again afterwards.

Location: Zurich, NTT ZRH1

Start Time Maintenance Window: Friday, 22.3.24 - 23:30 UTC +2

End Time Maintenance Window: Saturday, 22.3.24 - 02:00 UTC +2

Should you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance please open a ticket under my.ifog.ch or contact us over the know channels.


The maintenance was successfully concluded.