9th September 2021

ZRH02 - Planned Works Notification - Data Center migration - 11.09.2021, scheduled 2 years ago

We started offering Services in Switzerland a bit more than one and a half years ago. In this time we broadened our offerings in Switzerland and built out our network presences in the Zurich metro area with ZRH01 and ZRH03.

From the very beginning, all customer services were hosted in ZRH02 (Winterthur), which is a private suite operated by our colocation provider. Due to changes in the Datacenter market, our colocation operator decided to sunset colo offerings in Winterthur.

Therefore we will move all our gear from Winterthur to another Datacenter - we were able to find a well connected DC in Solothurn giving us more flexibility to grow as well as access extensive fibre backbone in Switzerland operated by the DC. Our new DC location in Solothurn is connected to our Networking POPs in Zurich, ZRH01 and ZRH03. The new DC is only 2ms away from our Core Routers in ZRH01 and ZRH03, making Latency only 1ms more than to Winterthur.

Description: Datacenter move.

Start Time: Saturday,11.09.2021 00:00 UTC +2 (local time) End Time: Saturday, 11.09.2021 05:00 UTC +2 (local time)

Location: Zurich/Winterthur ZRH02 to SOL01

Should you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance please open a ticket under my.ifog.ch

Update 23:45 All Services are up again in the new DC